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E. Motketsan - Wounded Crows don't Fly

     It's as if you are walking in the fields of a classic novelist with this brilliant look at two brothers growing up on a Nebraska  wheat farm in the 1930s. The pursuit of their individual passions separates them until an ironic twist of fate brings one of them home in an emotional change of heart. The poignant story describes the interconnections of family, dreams and sacrifices.


     The  distinctive writing style of Edward Motketsan builds the story on multiple planes from the very first page as he carefully conveys the depth of the characters. The novel keeps you engaged until the last page is reached and the story comes together in a sublime and lucid finale. In today's fast-paced world of instant life, this is a welcomed leisurely stroll of how our grandparents enjoyed to live.

E. Motketsan - Wounded Crows don't Fly

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     Two research and development engineers match wits with government intelligence agencies as they fight for their lives in this suspense thrilling conspiracy. The NSA moves in on an electronics manufacturing company that produces a device in retaliation to terrorism and reestablishing U.S. security. The maze of plot shifts and search for the true antagonist keeps readers on the edge of their seats as the novel plunges into the depths of espionage.

E. Motketsan - While in Pursuit of the Perfect Ballad

     A dramatic story set to the beat of a classic melody. A gripping tale that keeps you intrigued and guessing until the last few pages. Chase Harris is a character that will stay with you long after you have finished the book. His charismatic character, integrity, and passion for music leads us to believe that there is something more to music than risqué videos and rhythms for dance.

     Chase gives us a view into the life of a songwriter and musician and does it with the same integrity and passion that he portraits in his everyday existence. Pick up a copy of this novel and be taken to another world where the characters are more concerned with living life instead of financing it!

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