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View to an Opus

by author E. Motketsan


To truly have lived is to have the opportunity to view an opus. How does one view an opus? It is different for each person. For some, it is the tending of a garden while humming their favorite piece of music. Carefully cultivating the rhododendrons and chrysanthemums as the symphony plays Morning Mood by Grieg in the back of your mind. The violin played so elegantly as the bow glides across the strings to emanate a smooth flow of harmonious sounds. The flute softly plays the melody as a gentle breeze entices the flower's petals to sway to the rhythm of the orchestration. The oboe joins the flute and they take turns expressing the very breath of life as the blue jay swoops across the garden and soars into the heavens as it appears to be hearing the same orchestra playing. It glides on a cushion of air the cello sounds out in a low bass frequency that slowly lifts the blue jay higher and higher into the clouds of the composer's dreams.

To view an opus one must find the place in nature that tantalizes all their senses and takes them through a dimension that is not easily retreated from. Beethoven drizzles aquafied notes from Moonlight Sonata as you watch the summer rain drop onto the leaves of maple trees. The clear droplets slowly trickling off the edges and gliding down the stems as the cloth hammers softly tap the piano's strings. The gentle tones of sunlight streaming through the mist are reflecting intonations beyond the atmospheric limitations of mind's spirit, only to resonate back into the very soul of the listener, making them whole with nature's glimpse of everything.

To listen to Bach as he demonstrates fall's passage of geese making their journey south. Air from Suite plays effortlessly as the Lesser White line up side by side to say their good-byes. These magnificent white-bodied birds with black-tipped wings circle one last time as the slow methodical cello performs its final serenade to accompany the violin as it moves up and down the scale of life. A sorrowful melody of farewell to old friends who have made their way into our hearts, but now need to move on as nature continues its movement of time. The blended tones of strings harmonized together bring tears to our eyes and we wave one last time to the noble White.

And for the grand finale there is no piece of music that demonstrates the pure awe of orchestrated genius more than that of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. What better way than to spend a night traveling on the road, passing through towns as they sleep, while driving silently across man's paved highways? The low-toned strings start out soft and low as the night's starry sky is visible through the open convertible. The music shifts and turns through the winding road steering into endless paths of concrete. The flute and violin begin to move faster through the night as the wind streams past. It settles into a momentary pause to allow the heart to slow its pace, only to lull the person into a breath-taken fantasy of chords, so simple, yet so intensifying that the soul has now leapt from the body to join the rising tones of majestic harmony. The magnificent orchestra tries desperately to keep pace with Ludwig's flurry of blended tonality in which, only he can perfectly play out in his mind. The city lights have fallen into the darkness and the symphony nears its end.

Yet, though this extraordinary piece of perfection fades, it has not been vanquished for nature's endless cycle begins with newborn ears to replace an aging smile. As a new breath is taking in the dawn air, the morning sun begins to rise blending purple, orange and red into the night sky and Beethoven's Fur Elise begins it's journey.



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