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from the Lucidian collection

by author E. Motketsan


Etymology: French, from Latin amator lover, from amare to love
Date: 1784
2 : one who engages in a pursuit, study, science, or sport as a pastime rather than as a profession

I want to be an amateur for the true meaning of the word is to love and to have passion. When did the amateur become associated with something of lesser quality? Since when did the professional become of greater magnitude than the amateur?

I want to pursue astronomy and look into the heavens because I am passionate about the universe and what new discoveries can be made, but I am not an astronomer. I am passionate about the laws of physics because they discuss the limitations of nature and dare us to defy them, but I am not a scientist. I want to sail the seas to experience an endless ocean and the magnitude of its vastness, but I am not a seaman. I am passionate about a great many things and wish to discuss topics of science, theology, politics, the human condition, the arts, and so many others, but I am not a philosopher.

I am passionate about life and what Iíve learned through my minuscule span of time and I would like to pass this on in the form of writing. I wish to express my thoughts on so many things and stir the imagination so that others may expand on what Iíve experienced, but I am not a writer.

How exciting it is to be an amateur and if I had to do this for a living, to be a professional, I believe my passion would be drained and suffocated by the aspects of having to be locked into a specific field of thought. I want to be an amateur.


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